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Reaction To The Election: Better Late Than Never

I was looking at my blog the other day and realized I haven’t written anything in almost six months. Wow, talking about a long case of writers block! My problem is not always writers block, but instead lack of time to write.

So much for my whining, I thought today would be a good time to offer one or two quick comments about the election. I’ve spent the past week, just like you have, listening to all of the liberal and conservative pun-dents on TV and talk radio spin the results of the election. Some I agree with, some I do not.

Listen, this is actually pretty simple. Most people in this country are tired of sending people to Washington to do a job, who, opnce they get there, decide to do nothing, draw their pay, and then ask the voters for the job again.

It’s like this. You can fool me once. You might even get away with fooling me twice. It’s not often that somebody gets a third opportunity with me.

so the Republicans have two years to try to get something significant done in Washington. Will they be successful? I don’t know for sure, but probably not.

I do know this. If they don’t make improvements by the 2016 elections, the american voters will probably do it again. And I have a feeling that the voters will keep changing horses until they get some that will do the job they are sent to Washington to do.

I’m going to try to do better with this writing thing. I’m going to start with a goal of publishing something once a week toward the end of the week each week. Hopefully, some of you will come back from time to time for a read as I tell my side of the story.

As always, your comments are welcome below


Writer’s Block

I’m sitting here on my lunch break trying to think of something to write about. I’ve read several news headlines, caught up on my Twitter feed, scanned several blogs that I read, and yet nothing  jumped up and said, “Write about this!’

So here I sit, churning out mindless thoughts about nothing. Why you ask? Because I feel like I need to write something today. Every article I’ve read about blogging or writing and general says that I need to do this often. It’s been several days since my last post on this blog and I’ve had no ideas since.

What’s a writer to do? I don’t like boring my readers with mindless rambling. I know with the title of my blog, I am prone to a certain amount of rambling, but not like this!

I know there are many of you who are hobby writers like me who have this problem . Maybe some of you who are better writers than I am could help me out with this problem.

In the comment section below, list some ways you fight writer’s block. I promise, I will read them all.


Thanks in advance for the help!


Change Is A Good Thing- Sometimes

I have finally quit procrastinating and made some changes to this blog! Well nothing drastic. I just changed themes. I got tired of all the dark colors and wanted something light and bright. Something that will be easier to read. I’m probably not finished with the changes, but one thing that is not going to change is my subject.

It has been so long since I posted anything that this is going to be just like starting over. I’m certain that many of you have forgotten about this blog and my attempt at writing. That’s okay. I brought most of that on myself by not posting regularly.

I also have to be honest and say that I ran away for a while. I received some negative feedback that I was not ready for and so I set my blogging aside for a time.

Now that I’ve returned to this hobby, I will still be my opinionated self. If that bothers some of you,  I apologize, but I won’t back down on what I believe. I will also continue to share things from the Scriptures that God shows me as I read. I am not a theologian however and sometimes I may not interpret a passage theologically correct. I will however be true to that basic principles of the faith.

If you disagree with what I write, your comments and opinions are welcome and I will read them all. I reserve the right to choose to stay quiet and not respond sometimes. My purpose is not to get into arguments with those who disagree with me, but only to make everyone think.  It is my hop that as you read in the future, that you will be encouraged, challenged, and prompted to think about the life going on around us.

Life is a journey. We all have different paths we must take on that journey. This is a record of my journey. Join me on this journey.

It’s Time For Some Changes

This is not the usual post, but I’ve been  praying about some changes to this blog. You’ll probably start seeing some small changes over the next several weeks. Some will be little things like maybe changing background themes or other changes like that. Others may be more significant, like changing the name of the blog itself. I’ve got several ideas that I’m currently praying about to make this blog more reflective of the type writing I do most of the time. It’s just going to take some time to sort through the ideas and make some decisions.

In the mean time, my prayer is that you will continue to find something to read at this site that will challenge you or help you in some way. I have found on this journey with Christ that many of us share the same fears and failures. If we learn to share more with one another, maybe this journey can be better for all of us.

Oh, and by the way. Any suggestions for improvements to this site will be appreciated and prayerfully considered. I started this site more as a hobby than anything else, but I am beginning to feel like it is more important than just a hobby to me. A writer friend of mine told me that would probably happen.

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for your suggestions.




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