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Tell Me What You Think #2

This is the second in a series where I’m asking my readers to think a little about an issue that is being discussed. It may be religious  or it may not be. Just depends on what’s in the news ans what catches my eye.

What do you think about the rising gas prices?

Any thoughts on the possible causes for the increase lately?

Any ideas for possible solutions to the problem?

After I read some of your ideas, I will try to come up with some of my own and post them later.

Thanks for your ideas!



It’s Time For A Change

I have to admit. I haven’t been to interested in the 2012 Republican Presidential race so far. It has just seemed like it is too early to get overly exited about it. However, I feel now that the time has come for us as followers of Christ to prayerfully make a choice and let our voices be heard. We cannot stand any more of the garbage that goes on in Washington and in our State houses. We must take a stand!

Four years ago President Obama ran a campaign about change. This was to be a radical change from the norm. For the last four years it has been traditional Washington tax and spend government! A government that has run roughshod over everyone both rich and poor, both sick and healthy, both young and old. We need a change!

Don’t get all exited, ready to type a fiery comment back in response to this post, because I am not about to spend this precious gift of your time just to espouse the benefits of one candidate over another. The kind of change I’m talking about is the kind that will only come when we as Christs followers realize that the best way for us to make a difference is to get on our knees and pray for this country!

The kind of change I’m talking about is the kind of change that only comes from God above. God told Solomon in the Old Testament,” If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves, pray, seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, I will forgive their sins, and heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14. If we want to see real change, if we want to see candidates for office who will stand on convictions based from the Bible, and not just give lip service to those convictions to get our votes, then we must pray!

I’m not talking about praying little “now I lay me down to sleep” prayers. I’m also not talking about just showing up for your local prayer rally once a year. What I am proposing is for God’s people to get on their knees and pray fervently for God to restore our nation. WE must confess our sins, not just our personal sins, but the sins of the nation as well much like Nehemiah did in chapter 1 of his book in the Bible.

If we really want change in our country, we have to be willing to pay the price of getting on our faces before God Almighty and staying there until He answers and brings change and real revival to this land.

Please understand. I am not promoting any candidate or any candidates views. God is neither Democrat or Republican. Washington cannot solve our problems! God is the only one who can! It’s time for a change. Real change that we CAN believe in!

Somebodies Pulling My Leg!

The other day, I read a news article in which one of the top executives of one of the oil companies told Congress that he believed oil should only cost $60 a barrel. That day, oil was trading on the open market for $100 per barrel. somebodies pulling my leg!

There are two problems with the price of gas in this country and supply and demand has NOTHING to do with it. We have a government that has tried to stop any new exploration for oil in this country, both onshore and offshore. We also have speculators in the commodities markets who are driving the prices up. These events have nothing to do with how much or how little we are driving in this country!

I fact, every time some third world dictator blows his nose the wrong way, the price of oil skyrockets. the fact is, that we have enough oil in the ground on United States controlled land to supply this country with fuel for many years! We don’t even need the oil from the Arab countries!

I do realize that we need to invest in and explore alternative energies, but that doesn’t need to happen by putting our people in this country in greater financial difficulty by artificially keeping the price of fuel high.

I am fed up with Washington politics. I am neither Democrat or Republican. In my opinion, we should vote all of them out not year from the President on down through the Congress and take back our govt. Maybe then our voices could be heard above the special interest groups that rule Washington now!

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of being lied to by both sides of this issue. Yes, somebody is pulling my leg and I wish they would let go of my leg!

Hello World!

My name is Michael Turner. I’m 52 years old and while that may not be middle age to some of you, it is to me. I’m a opinionated “old ” guy, but my children insist that I’m not old.

I love to read, and watch some tv. I am a Christian, but not a finger pointer. I like to leave that to others. Instead, I will write about things that have happened to me, things that I’ve observed, and things, like politics, govt, and economic issues that I have an opinion.

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