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I Need Your Help With A Project-Part 1

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I need your help. I am working on a series of post about worship, both private and public worship. I have served for several years as worship leader, some of you call it song leader, at North Ripley Baptist Church in Ripley, MS. As I work on preparing this series, I am planning on writing several of these posts over the next couple of weeks. Each post will have at least one question, some may have more. Each question will be about some aspect of worship. You can  take part in the discussion by responding to the question in the comment section below.

I would love to have responses from many denominations and beliefs to get a broader perspective on the subject.


Today’s Question:

In your own words, define worship.

Or, What is worship?


Thanks for your help,

Mike Turner

Middle Age Ramblings




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2 thoughts on “I Need Your Help With A Project-Part 1

  1. Honestly, I find it hard to give a definition for a term such as this, because usually there always seems to be some junior John MacArthur who wants to say, “Yes, but…” Nevertheless, I believe that true worship is anything we do to divert attention away from ourselves and onto God. Whether it be through music, giving, work, or being faithful in our relationships, worship is doing all things for the glory of God.

    As a pastor, I want my congregation to know that I don’t care what style of music they choose to use in a particular service, just as long as all glory belongs to Him. We have a small, traditional-like choir that does typical southern choir music (red back Church Hymnal, for example). We don’t have a lot of Osteen-like talent for instrumentalists. But what we do have, if done with one’s whole heart, is beautiful in the ears of the Lord.

    I love good praise and worship music, along with blue grass and southern gospel. But I would rather hear a poor singer on stage with a contrite spirit and a desire to give everything she has to her Savior, than the best Chris Tomlin wannabe with Nashville aspirations.

    I know this is a long comment, but let me add one other thing, please. We must be very careful when we attempt to “lead” people in “praise and worship.” It is my opinion that too many times the congregation is lead on an emotional journey where the final destination is upheld hands waving to slow-tempo choruses, and this is somehow supposed to be proof that “worship” has finally been attained. What I fear is that worship is being traded for emotion, and emotion (although necessary and desired) is being mistaken for worship.

    Just my 2 1/2 cents.


    • I agree with you on your last point. I feel that emotion is mistaken for worship many times. I so realize that emotions are important. I also realize that when God deals with us, He moves the whole person, not just our emotions. Some of the best times of worship I have experienced was durin times of serving others. No choir, no congregation, no large group of people. But I have felt the presence of God strong during those times. I appreciate your response.


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