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A Life Of Enthusiasm


Whatever you do, do it enthusiastically, as something done for the Lord and not for men, Colossians 3:23 HCSB.


I see too many Christians, including myself sometime, with no enthusiasm at all for life. I know life is hard especially for Christians, but it is possible to live life with enthusiasm!

First of all, I want to be clear about what I’m not talking about. I am not talking about having a wish so, hope so religion. I also am not talking about having a religion of name it and claim it, or anything like that.

When I talk about living a life of enthusiasm, I am talking about living a victorious life in Christ! A life of faith,  believing that He is in control of all things and that He has what’s best for me at heart. God placed none of us on this earth haphazardly or without thought. Each one of us has a purpose. It’s up to us to prayerfully seek to follow God’s will with our lives. When we do that we live life with an enthusiasm that comes from serving God!

I know this verse from Colossians comes from a passage on servant master relationships, but I think it also applies to what I’m saying here. Even when life throws us a curve ball, God gives us the ability to handle whatever life throws at you. I remember when I started playing baseball I enjoyed hitting. That is until the pitchers I played against got old enough to start throwing curveballs. I was in trouble because I never could figure out how to hit a curveball, but God will help you hit life’s curveballs.

I try to pray several times a week and ask God to help me live life enthusiastically. Believe me I’m not there yet, but each day is a new adventure of learning how God intends for us to live down here in this sin cursed world. When we live this way, people take notice and will soon want to know what makes you tick. That will give you the perfect opportunity to tell them about Christ! Allow Jesus to live enthusiastically through you and watch the difference it makes in your life!



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