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His Love Never Stops!

I was reading Psalm 136 and God began speaking to me about thanksgiving. Not the day, but the act of giving thanks. Verse 1 of this Psalm says:

“Give thanks to the LORD,  for He is good,

  for His steadfast love endures forever.”  ESV

I like the way the Message paraphrases that last part of the verse. It says: ” His love never quits.”

The Psalmist then goes on to list several reasons why Israel was to give thanks to God. For instance, they were to give thanks because God is the one true God. Also He is the creator of all things, verses 4-9. He is the deliverer of Israel, verses 10-21. Finally He is their provider and sustainer, verses 22-26.

As I read and God dealt with me I began to see that many times I run in to spend a couple of minutes with God in the morning before my day starts. I pick up my Bible, or sometimes use the Bible app on my smartphone, read a few verses and think about what I’ve read for just a couple of minutes. I then say a quick prayer asking for a few things like protection for my family, and success on the job that day, if I even pray at all. Boy that was hard to write. Then I jump up and head off to my job and my days activities.

God was showing me through this Psalm,  which is actually more like a responsive reading, that He expects us to give thanks to Him for all things of life. I spend too much time when I do pray asking and not enough time giving thanks for the things God has given me or that He has done both in my life and the lives of those around me.

I realized that I had become too  busy. I had allowed the world around me to squeeze me into its mold instead of focusing on God who gave me this life. I am trying to look for different times in my day when I can spend some time in  the Bible and prayer. It’s hard to rearrange my life and slow down after doing it this way for so long, but I’m making progress.

I’m also trying to become more thankful; taking fewer things for granted. One thing we are doing at church on Wednesday night when we take prayer requests is that we take praises as well as requests. When my wife prints the bulletin for Sunday services, she lists the praises first, then the prayer requests. It has amazed me to watch God work in the lives of our people at church just like He’s been working on me. We are becoming a more thankful people. another amazing thing is the praise section of the bulletin is almost as big as the request section and is growing. Having the bulletin with me for a week gives me something to focus both my praises and my requests.

GOD is good! All the time! His love never stops!





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