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An Abomination!

Several days ago, President Obama and Vice-President Biden publically expressed their support for homosexual marriages. After several days of thought and reading I have decided to respond. I’m sure you’re thinking, “Why are you waiting so long to say anything?” I really don’t know because I’ve known ever since the news came out that I would have to write this piece. However, I didn’t want to take the traditional Christian approach of blowing my top and bashing people over the head with the Bible.

I would like to begin by saying that given the moral depravity of our society, I feel that it is the Church’s responsibility to be the moral compass of society. We who follow Christ must realize that we are to proclaim the truth to our culture. the book of Jude is clear that we are to “earnestly contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints”.

The Bible is very clear regarding homosexuality. In the Book of Genesis, we are told that God made man in His image We are also told in Genesis that God made both a man and a woman and the normal course of life was for  men  to leave their homes, take a wife, woman, and live together as a family unit.

The apostle Paul told us in 2 Timothy that in the last days, perilous times will come. A time when people are lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God. I believe that we are in those times. I believe that we as Christs followers needs to realize that we are sinners as well. the difference is that we have experienced the grace of God. We must lovingly and gracefully present the truth of the Word of God.

Are we going to change the world and end these sins and other “abominations” that bother us? Probably not. It’s probably going to get worse instead of better. Remember two things. First of all, share the love of Christ with everyone we meet even if we think they are “worse” sinners than we are. Secondly, don’t be afraid to take a stand for the truth. We must continue to earnestly contend for the faith!


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8 thoughts on “An Abomination!

  1. Touching post. Thanks. Homosexuality is heartbreaking and is such an offense to me. Yet had the church been the moral compass we should have been, Christ would have been our true north and many would have followed us in right directions since Christ promised that Love never fails. But too often I was Christian in word rather than in deed. I grieved over the sins of others but not over my own. But we yet have a little time to be Light as He dwells within and comfort those in darkness who seek its presence and direction. Serious stuff – Christianity. (Homosexuality: Reprobate Union at internetelias.wordpress.com).

    Again, touching post.



    • Thanks Carolyn for your comments. I too have had times in my life where I was a “Christian”, but didn’t take a stand for the truth. IMaybe that was part of the reason it took me as long to write this as it did. I kept thinking about the log in my own eye while I was writing about the speck of sawdust in others.


  2. Nearly every person who acknowledges an aversion to homosexuality does so on the basis of what he or she believes the Bible has to say. In their mind, there is no doubt whatsoever about what the Bible says and what the Bible means. Their general argument goes something like this: Homosexuality is an abomination and the homosexual is a sinner. Homosexuality is condemned in both the Old and New Testaments. Therefore, if we are to be faithful to the clear teachings of Scripture we too must condemn homosexuality. Needless to say, this premise is being widely debated among evangelicals today and seriously challenged by biblical scholars, theologians and religious leaders everywhere.

    It rarely occurs to any of us that our reading of Scripture is profoundly colored by our own cultural context and worldview. In light of the post above and since I happen to speak and write on this topic, I thought you might find some of these posts of particular interest and relevance. I would particularly recommend the following:

    “Genesis 19: What Were the Real Sins of Sodom?”
    “Leviticus 18: What Was the Abomination?”
    “Romans 1: What Was Paul Ranting About?”
    “Romans 2: Paul’s Bait and Switch”
    “Genesis 1: Turning the Creation Story into an Anti-Gay Treatise”
    “Why No One in the Biblical World Had a Word for Homosexuality”
    “Exegesis: Not For the Faint in Heart”

    (Links to these and more posts may be found by simply clicking the link below and then selecting the “Archives” page.)

    -Alex Haiken


    • Alex,

      Even though I disagree with your positions on scripture, I approved your comments. I did this because I believe in the freedom of speech and the freedom this medium gives us to express our opinions even when we disagree.

      I am praying for you because the one thing that bothers me is that it seems like you are trying to make it okay to continue in sin after believing in Christ. Jesus preached a gospel of repentance from sin, a turning to a new way of life. Paul wrote, “If any man be in Christ he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.” 2 Corinthians 5:17.

      I believe that God expects us after salvation to ask for Holy Spirit empowerment to leave behind our old ways of living to embrace the paths that God would have us follow. This can be very difficult. I know, because I still sin and do things every day of my life that does not please God.

      I am not trying to “bash” you with this reply, but to let you know how I believe. I spent much time in prayer for you and for my response to your comment. I do not intend to get into a Biblical argument with you over this issue, but I will continue to pray for you. I hope you will continue from time to time to stop by and read what I write.

      Thanks for your comments,



  3. I appreciate your stand on such a controversial issue. For many, it is far easier to remain silent than to be labled prejudice or bigoted by those who are blinded to the truth of God’s Word.

    The Bible teachings are very clear on the issue of homosexuality despite the twistings of a few of the modern “scholars”. As those who believe the teachings of God’s Word, we have no other choice but to speak out against sin that we see taking place around us. Especially when our nation begins to accept these actions as being morally acceptable. It is just as the prophet… they are so spiritually blinded that they are calling evil good and good evil.

    Homosexuality should be treated as any other sin. The homosexual is in need of Christ just as the murderer, the liar, the adulterer, and each one of us. Therefore, we need to be caringly sharing the gospel to all of those who are in need of the gracious salvation that only the Lord can give.

    I have found that, after the Lord intervenes and grants salvation, He will show the sinner their need to abstain from sinful acts and serve Him with their lives. This principle of holy living following salvation applies to any who are saved by His grace including the homosexual.

    As long as the sinner is blinded from the truth of His Word we really cannot expect them to see their sin and their need for change. Their only hope is the gracious intervention of the Lord in their lives… We should be in prayer for the Lord’s intervention in the lives of any one who is continuing in sin and in need of the Savior.

    Lord bless you… and thanks again for your stand on this important issue.


    • Thank you so much for the encouragement! I also feel that it is important that we as Christians encourage one another and so much more as we see the day approaching just like the scriptures tell us to.

      Thanks again for the encouragement.



  4. I am right with you on “speaking out against sin”. And like you, I am among those who “believe the teachings of God’s word.” As you would see on my blog, I am also a graduate of one of the most academically rigorous evangelical seminaries in the nation. It is also true, however, that people with a high regard for Scripture and who are prayerfully committed to ordering their lives according to it are honestly divided on this issue. And while you think “the Bible teachings are very clear” on this issue, fact is throughout 2,000 years of Church history, Christians of all traditions have repeatedly used the Bible to support doctrinal positions they believed to be as clear as mineral water, but that they later had to confess to be mistaken. The doctrine of those who read their antigay presuppositions into the few biblical texts that generally get appealed to in this debate is believed to be only the most recent doctrinal position well on the way to being generally acknowledged as a mistake of this kind.

    In the final analysis, we must be able to exegetically support our doctrinal positions — just quote passages — or what we offer is nothing more than hot air. As you likely know, the work “exegesis” comes from the Greek verb which means to “draw out”. Simply put, exegesis is about drawing out from the text what it originally meant to the author and to the original intended audience, without reading into the text the many traditional interpretations that may have grown up around it.

    In contrast to this, what many do instead is what some theologians refer to as “frontloading”, that is to say, they read their own personal, political or ideological beliefs back into the Bible, instead of reading out from the Bible what the original writers were saying. This process of reading one’s own ideas into interpretation of the Bible is called “eisegesis”. Exegesis and Eisegesis are conflicting approaches to interpreting the Bible. Why? Exegesis is reading out from the Bible what the original writers were saying. Eisegesis is reading one’s own ideas or prejudices back into the Bible. Exegesis is about getting out of the text what is truly there in the first place. Eisegesis is about putting into the text something never intended by the author. Exegesis is drawing out the true meaning of a Bible passage. Eisegesis is at best unwise, and at worst extremely dangerous.

    It is for this reason that I suggested to you the posts and links above. If you can show me how these exegetical treatments of the passages that you think are so crystal clear are wrong, I will stand corrected and apologize for the doctrinal error(s). But steadily increasing numbers of Bible scholars, theologians and other evangelicals, who are doing their theological and biblical homework, are discovering that when the few passages of Scripture that generally get appealed to in this debate are examined more closely and in context the traditional interpretations simply do not hold up to scrutiny.

    -Alex Haiken


  5. Oops, I meant to say “NOT just quote passages” above.

    -Alex Haiken


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